Pediatric Dentistry

At Frandsen Dental, we enjoy helping children build and maintain healthy dental habits. From a young age, children are welcome to our practice to start developing good habits early on! Our experienced and friendly team makes each dental visit as fun and comfortable as possible for children of every age. If you are searching for a pediatric dentist in Utah, call our team today! 

The Importance of Early Dental Care

We recommend beginning your child’s dental visits around one year of age. By starting at an early age, your child will not only have consistent dental care but also build good memories from their first visit. If you wait to bring your child to the dentist when they have their first toothache, their dental experience will be associated with pain and discomfort. This may lead to dental fears going forward. By starting consistent care at a young age, your child’s dentist will address dental problems and build a healthy relationship that can last through their teen and adult years. 

Orthodontic Care for Children

Although children typically do not receive braces before their teen years, there are treatment options from an early age that may be recommended to help with their teeth alignment. Depending on your child’s smile, some treatments may be recommended that will save them from extra orthodontic treatment when they’re older. Your dentist can give you insight on what to expect as their teeth develop and point you in the right direction for any recommended orthodontic care. 

Healthy Oral Habits Through Consistent Dental Care

By staying consistent with your child’s dental visits, you can help them build a good foundation for a healthy smile. Not only can their dentist help your child build healthy habits, but also recommend treatment when dental problems are detected early. By addressing problems right away, you can avoid premature tooth loss and protect their smile as their adult teeth begin to grow. Your child’s dentist will give you valuable information at each visit for helping them maintain a healthy smile. Our team recommends scheduling visits every six months to keep your child’s smile on the right track!


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